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Strategic Innovation

With our solid Breakthrough Methodology, you have the framework to sense that missing evolutionary breakthrough in existing markets and become the leader.


Our diverse team skills combined with??Scenario Planning techniques, empower you for a resonating vision of tomorrow.

Trend Hunting

Everything starts with a change.
With our tools you become ready, to shape a better and more evolved future.

Our Value to You

Breakthrough Methodology 3.0

Strategic Innovation

Your Business Strategy only makes sense in a certain context, but that context is constantly changing. If you don???t want to be surprised, prepare yourself understanding the ongoing changes and anticipate the biggest moves in the market.

Become the Innovation Leader

Studying Trends allows business to be in the front, aligned with the most innovative companies. Then add a few steps with Creativity for Disruption. Only combining this two techniques is possible to become a leader in competitive markets.

Futures for Leadership
People are guided by images of the Future. Only when different departments work together to build a vision of the Future will they be willing to work together. At the end of any project, participants share a vision, but also the language and taxonomy.
Early Adopters or Trend Setters

Change comes to everyone, but some adopt it sooner than others. The innovators and the early adopters are usually the same, and that is why is do difficult to say if someone is setting the trend or just following it.

360?? Vision

Out-of-the-Box Thinking is a buzzword that doesn???t make sense when you have a business to Run. Yet, change comes from outside of your market. 360?? Vision is the integration between deep understanding of your market and awareness of what happens around it.

Our Latest Projects

We Learn from Our Past, in order to bring you a Better and more Evolved Future.

  • The future lives at the core of our identity. We are driven by it into becoming better citizens, better friends, better professionals and better Human Beings. Without it we would be empty shells reacting only by primal instinct.

    Hugo Garcia, Future Oriented

  • Nothing is new in a fast paced era like ours.
    Innovation today is more about changing behaviors and extending our human ability.

    Rui Sousa Campos, Innovation Oriented

Our Clients

Turn your vision into a solid reality. Join us. Become a market leader today.